Ron Paul Supporters Boost Kelly Clarkson's Album Sales

Republican presidential hopeful even shouts out the singer in a speech leading up to the Iowa caucus.

Even as he continues to battle for votes in the final hours of the Iowa caucus, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is already a front-runner in another contest: the quest for celebrity endorsements.

Yes, in recent days, Paul has surged to the forefront of high-profile support, picking up the backing of singers Kelly Clarkson and Michelle Branch (both of whom subsequently felt the wrath of Paul's detractors, though, hey, Clarkson may have gotten a sales bump out of it). But they're just the latest in a list of seemingly disparate stars who have endorsed the candidate.

"Fear Factor" host/ UFC fanatic Joe Rogan has already gone on the record as saying he supports Paul's candidacy, as has comedian Doug Stanhope and actor Vince Vaughn, who introduced him at a political conference in Nevada back in September. Staind frontman Aaron Lewis is also onboard.

In a speech Tuesday (January 3) at Valley High School in West Des Moines, Iowa — given to an audience of young voters — Paul even mentioned Clarkson by name, asking the assembled students, "Does anybody here know the name Kelly Clarkson? ... Recently, she endorsed me. ... I had to admit, I didn't know a whole lot about her, but I did know that our supporters were so enthusiastic about it they went out and bumped up sales of her record by 600 percent."

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