Rihanna Goes It Alone In 'You Da One' Video

Singer mugs for camera in a variety of glamorous looks in Melina Matsoukas-directed clip.

Rihanna might be singing about someone special on "You Da One," but the video is all about the singer. For the second clip off her Talk That Talk album, the singer once again worked with Melina Matsoukas, who also directed her provocative, swirling "We Found Love" video.

Unlike her "We Found Love" video, the "You Da One" clip has no real story. Instead, it is a series of glamour shots and artsy finishes, ranging from the lyrics of the song floating across the screen in a variety of fonts to Ri's mouth (including her previously teased grill) flashing across the screen. The pop star mugs it up for the camera, allowing the track to shine.

The singer channels everyone from 1960s fashion icon and Andy Warhol muse Twiggy to "A Clockwork Orange" leading man Alex DeLarge for the many looks of the video, which include platinum cropped wigs, suspenders, bowler hats and body-hugging catsuits. Dancing and slinking around the giant warehouse setting, Rihanna doesn't seem to be performing for anyone but the camera.

The video's auteur, Matsoukas, had glowing words for the video on Twitter. "This sh-- is pretty punk and irreverent," she wrote. "This bitch @rihanna can pull off anything ... Even on negative sleep ..." Ri's response? Simply an "XOXO."

In the lead-up to the holiday release, Rihanna teased fans about the video in a series of behind-the-scenes videos and stills. "We're in London town!" the chart-topper tells the cameraman in a behind-the-scenes video released last week, while the Dr. Luke-produced track plays in the background.

"We tried to shoot our first setup outside, but it started to rain really, really hard. Then it stopped after we had to switch setups. ...I'm running on one hour of sleep. I'm not even going to remember this tomorrow. My eyes are burning a little bit."