Scott Weiland's 'Winter Wonderland' Frame By Frame

Foster the People and others help break down the Stone Temple Pilots frontman's Christmas video.

With Christmas just around the corner, it's safe to assume you're enveloped in holiday tunes — whether inescapably at the mall or blaring from your laptop by choice. Beyond the old standards, there's Michael Bublé's chart-topping Christmas album and even Justin Bieber's first Christmas contribution, Under the Mistletoe, but you might not be aware that Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland released his own holiday disc this year.

That's right, and while Weiland's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year dropped back in October, even some of his contemporaries were unaware of his Xmas effort. That gave us the perfect opportunity to share the album's first music video with the bands on the bill at KROQ's annual Almost Acoustic Christmas earlier this month. In true holiday spirit, the artists graciously took us through the kitschy retro-themed clip for "Winter Wonderland," frame by frame.

Initially, everyone was surprised by the video, in part due to Scott's never-before-heard classic croon, but also by his "Mad Men"-inspired, clean-cut new look.

"I like his scarf a lot," Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons said.

"He's very handsome," fellow bandmember Winston Marshall added.

While the reactions ran the gamut from "good" to "insane," there were other clues in the video, some believed, that this whole thing might be more of a wink and a nod than a serious musical venture.

"He kinda has a very weird eyebrow thing that I only noticed now for the first time," Grouplove's Ryan Rabin said.

"I can't tell if it's tongue-in-cheek or not," Mark Foster of Foster the People wondered. "You think it's tongue-in-cheek or you think he just lost his mind? 'Cause he definitely had a bout with [in]sanity for a while."

Of course, the sight of a '90s rock icon cozying up to the Yule log left some baffled, but Death Cab for Cutie had their own take on Weiland's "Wonderland."

"I mean, is he more Bing Crosby or is he more Danny Kaye?" DCFC's Chris Walla asked.

"He's got a lotta Bing, he's got a lot of ... I mean there's some Sinatra there too," DCFC bassist Nick Harmer said.

They both agreed that Weiland was fully committed to the act.

"And it's good! It's classic," Walla said.

"Thank you! I mean — yeah! Thanks for making that Scott, seriously," Harmer concluded.

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