Busta Rhymes And Chris Brown: A Budding Bromance?

Busta says new collabo with Breezy, 'Why Stop Now, ' was 'organic.'

Could Busta Rhymes and Chris Brown be developing a long-lasting chemistry? The pair, along with Lil Wayne and the Dungeon Dragon, ruled airwaves in 2011 with their collaborative hit, "Look at Me Now," and now they're hoping for similar results with Busta's new single "Why Stop Now."

Though the title may suggest that the two singles are somehow related, Busta insists that his latest song with Breezy wasn't as methodically put together as people may think.

"I wasn't actually trying to capture the energy of ['Look at Me Now'] and bring it into this project," the newly signed Cash Money MC told MTV News while on the song's video set. "I just think that for me, especially at this stage in my career, I only do records with people that I respect."

The Diplo and Afrojack-produced "Look at Me Now" peaked at #1 on Billboard's Hot R&B/ Hip-Hop Songs Chart and was voted #9 on MTV's Best Songs of 2011 list. The Colin

Tilley-directed video remained among the year's best, receiving multiple nominations at the 2011 VMAs. Not a bad track to build a blueprint off of.

The bass-rattling "Why Stop Now," which was produced by Sham "Sak Pase" Joseph, is reminiscent of "Look at Me Now," mostly because it features the same type of speed-rapping by Bus. But rather than a retread of a tried-and-true formula, Busta says the new collaboration came about much more organically. "It was just fortunate that I had something that worked well for what we do to be able to have another collab with him," he said. "If I didn't have that record, then we wouldn't be doing this video and we wouldn't have had another song out together.

"I'm just about making sure that the music ultimately speaks in the most organic way possible," he continued. "It doesn't just seem like something that we threw together to try and capitalize off of a momentum that was there."