Chris Brown Directing 'Slight Work' A 'Secret Weapon,' Wale Says

'This is my last video directed by Chris Brown; we won't be able to afford it after today,' Ambition MC tells MTV News.

These days, getting Chris Brown to sing or rap on your song will most likely yield positive gains on the charts. But getting him to direct your music video — who knows what the end result will be?

Brown doesn't have much of a track record behind the lens, but when it came time to choose a director for his and Big Sean's "Slight Work" video, Wale decided to give his chart-topping buddy a shot.

"I really wanted to do something special amongst the young guys," Wale told MTV News while on set in Huntington Park, California, last week. "It means so much to me, as far as the genre goes and the preservation of the genre, for us to keep giving back to each other and keep working with each other and make beautiful music and do important things for our culture."

Brown has long established himself among music's most prolific artists with his catchy songs, stunning videos and unbelievable dance routines. Breezy has branched out as an actor (2007's "Stomp the Yard," "This Christmas" and 2010's "Takers"), and now he's branching out even further.

"Me reaching out to Chris is bigger than me reaching out to a homeboy, it's me reaching out to an aspiring director," Wale explained. "I think a lot of people put a lot of us into one box and don't know we have other passions. I wasn't surprised, a guy that creative and that talented, I'm sure he has other things that he wants to do."

Big Sean had much success working with CB on his 2010 #1 Billboard rap single, "My Last," but when he found out Brown was directing this clip, he scratched his head a bit. "At first I was kinda skeptical," Sean said. "Then I saw it and was blown away."

Wale is pretty confident in the end result, predicting that after "Slight Work" premieres, Brown will become a sought-after music video director. "My secret weapon is gone," he joked. "This is my last video directed by Chris Brown; we won't be able to afford it after today."

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