Drake, Rick Ross Share Musical 'Chemistry'

'We want to make the same music. It's definitely a very good experience,' Drake tells MTV News.

Drake and Rick Ross have a lot on their plates these days. But in between promoting Take Care and Rozay putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album, Drizzy hopes that the two MCs can finish up their collaborative mixtape Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once).

"Yeah, it only makes sense, so hopefully. I'm actually going to Miami to see him this week, sit down and work on God Forgives and just work on whatever comes," Drake told MTV News of the tag-team tape while backstage Power 106's Cali Christmas Concert on Friday night. "Me and him usually do a few songs, so we'll see where they end up."

The two rap stars have paired on a number of fan favorites, like DJ Khaled's "I'm On One," Rozay's "Aston Martin Music" and most recently "Lord Knows" from Take Care. For Drake it's all about their comfort while recording together. "If I have chemistry with anyone in the studio it's Ross. We want to make the same music. It's definitely a very good experience," he said.

In a November interview on "RapFix Live," the Maybach Music head assured that Y.O.L.O. was definitely coming. At the time, he was flirting with the idea of the project becoming an official retail release.

"You know, Drake, I consider him a part of the fam. It's not just music," Ross said. "We stay in the studio, we stay on Skype."

Last week, Ross took to Twitter to announce his plans for a new solo mixtape as well. "It's Official Drop'n New Mixtape!!! #RozayNewTape," he wrote.