Swedish House Mafia Set To Take Over Madison Square Garden

'It's one of those moments you're never going to forget as long as you live,' Steve Angello says about MSG one-night stand.

The boys are back in town — and this time they've gone big. In fact, it doesn't get much bigger. Just two years shy of the anniversary of their New York City debut at M2 nightclub, Swedish House Mafia is revved up and ready to rock Madison Square Garden on Friday (December 16) with their high-energy, heart-pounding sight-and-sound spectacular. Group members Steve Angello and Axwell took time out of their jam-packed schedule on Thursday to sit down with MTV News and share their excitement for the night that the dance music world can't stop talking about.

"It's just pretty unbelievable," Axwell gushed. "We were obviously scared when we decided to do it because it's such a big place, it's such an expensive place to rent and it's hard to fill. But so many people bought tickets and it sold out in 10 minutes, and just, Wow! you know? It's really amazing that we have that sort of appreciation this side of the Atlantic."

"[Madison Square Garden] is great. It's a beautiful place," said Angello. "Since we were kids, we've always seen the hockey and basketball [games]. It's one of those places — it's the Garden. It's everyone in basketball's favorite place to play, and it's just magic — it's New York!"

Their presence at one of the world's most iconic venues is certainly reflective of the exploding EDM scene here in the States as well as one of the world's most important music cities. The Swedes have been an integral factor in cultivating the sonic palette of cool culture in America.

"New York is one of those places where you're always shocked when you leave a show here because of the energy and the crowd," Angello said. "I know how I'm going to feel tomorrow after the show. It's one of those moments you're never going to forget as long as you live — one of those key moments in your career"

This moment has been so massive in the Big Apple that the trio decided to add a second show, in what's being dubbed an afterparty, just up the street at the Roseland Ballroom. All of the action is paired with the highly anticipated digital release of their latest single, "Antidote," a collaboration brought forth by Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen of Pendulum, under their dubstep-infused production moniker, Knife Party.

"Steve was in the tour in Australia, [he] met up with Knife Party and started out with the idea there," Axwell said. "[But] we wanted the track to have some sort of identity, we wanted to have the instrumental and all, but it would be nice with some identity, [so] we started working with a guy named Klas Åhlund, a great writer, and he wrote the little top line hook that you hear."

"But you know, it's a collaboration," Angello went on to say. "I've read some comments that are like, 'It's not the typical Swedish House Mafia sound,' but at the same time it is! We've done what, three or four records? I think we should keep it like that — it's more fun. We have to enjoy coming together and working and doing something that sounds different from what we do solo — so I think that's what Swedish House Mafia is."

Planning on being one of the thousands who share the Swedish House Mafia experience in person or tuning in live to watch on Swedishhousemafia.com? Let us know in the comments below! You can pick up "Antidote" on iTunes or Beatport along the way!