'Dark Knight Rises' Needs More 'Aggressive' Chanting

'If you want to be heard, get a little louder,' composer Hans Zimmer tells fans contributing to film's soundtrack.

Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer made Batman fans' dreams come true earlier this year when it was announced they would have an opportunity to contribute to "The Dark Knight Rises" score by recording and uploading their own versions of an official chant at UJAM. On top of that, fans got an early listen of the chant via the first photo reveal of Tom Hardy as Bane.

Now, with a few lucky audiences getting early glimpses of the highly anticipated film via its six-minute prologue, there is more of the chant to hear, which has us wondering if it will be part of Bane's theme in the movie.

When MTV News caught up with Zimmer himself recently, we asked how it's been scoring for the seriously villainous Bane and how much of the chant will be in the film.

"Chris [Nolan] and I came up with the idea of the chant a long time ago. I had this great idea, or maybe Chris and I did, of hundreds of thousands of people chanting. Well, as soon as you say the words hundreds of thousands of people, there goes the privacy, because you have to let people know what you're doing."

Zimmer said the original chant that was used for the big Bane reveal was made with just a few of his closest friends, so he has very high hopes for what has been sent in from fans already. "It's nice to have the whole world join in on a chant. My only problem is that they're so well-behaved on the chanting right now," he said. "If anybody goes onto UJAM right now, I need a little bit more. If you want to be heard, get a little louder, get a little more aggressive," he encouraged.

So is this great big collaborative chant Bane's theme in the film?

"It's not necessarily his through-line; it will be an aspect of it," Zimmer said. "Right now we're all focusing on the chant because that's all you guys are hearing. It's a very small part of the score, but I think there is something wonderful about finding a way of having the people who really care for this movie be participants in this movie."

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