Is Scarlett Johansson Happy To Not Play Sexy For Once?

Actress plays a 'practical, salt-of-the-earth' character in 'We Bought a Zoo.'

Anyone who has followed Scarlett Johansson's career will agree that she carved out a niche for herself early with several roles as "the fantasy girl." Those looking for that side of Johansson might be disappointed to learn that there is nothing "forced sexy" about her character in her latest film, "We Bought a Zoo."

When MTV News caught up with Johansson recently, we asked if it was refreshing to play "normal" and not have to appear scantily clad at any point in "Zoo."

"Yes, that's always refreshing. It means you can eat more," Johansson joked about remaining fully clothed. "For me, one of the big draws of the film was exactly that. It was the fact that I was not playing the girl who is always bridesmaid never a bride, or looking for a husband, or the other woman — none of those things. She's a very practical, salt-of-the-earth, rounded, motivated, independent woman. I find as I get older, it's nice to move away from the ingénue category.

"It's fun, and I've done very well by it, but it's nice to be able to transition into women that come with a history, that are established," she added.

We brought up the fact that the female characters in Cameron Crowe movies ("Almost Famous," "Say Anything" "Jerry Maguire") tend to be attracted to the emotionally broken and confused leading men. When we asked Johansson if she is attracted to that type of guy, she found the question hilarious.

"Oh God, a midlife-crisis guy — that sounds horrible!" she said, laughing. " 'Are you in between jobs? Are you broken from a previous relationship? Do you need dental work?' No, no, [I'm] not at all [attracted to that type]. I look for confidence and wit and charm."

There you have it, guys. Mr. Johansson need only possess those three key traits.

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