'Amazing Spider-Man' Trailer: What We Want Next

Marvel Mania explores five things we want to see in the upcoming 'Spider-Man' trailer.

Superhero fans are hard-pressed to think about anything other than "The Dark Knight Rises" right now, what with the early screening of the prologue this week, the wider release of that six-minute sequence Friday and the impending arrival of a full-length trailer. But don't forget to look at the other side of the comic book aisle: Marvel's got some big moves coming your way soon with a brand-new "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer, rumored to drop as early as this week.

Whether we get an extended peek at Spidey's next adventure by end of day Friday remains to be seen, but a longer look at director Marc Webb's upcoming reboot is definitely coming our way sooner rather than later. In anticipation of that release, here are the five things we want to see from the next "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer:

Another Perspective

The previous "Spider-Man" trailer made a controversial choice in showing its only action scene purely from the perspective of Peter Parker. Some people enjoyed the scene; some people didn't. Regardless, any new "Amazing Spider-Man" trailer has to show Parker in full-on web gear hitting the New York streets and kicking criminal butt. Marc Webb is an untested quantity as an action director, so showing what he's capable of in that department will go a long way toward winning over the fanbase.

When Peter Met Gwen

In terms of the women in Parker's life, "Spider-Man" moviegoers are most familiar with Mary Jane Watson, even if Gwen Stacy did have a small part to play in "Spider-Man 3." (Yes, despite your best efforts to forget, that movie did happen.) MJ is out this time, and Gwen is taking the spotlight courtesy of Emma Stone. We saw a little bit of her in the last teaser but not much. Getting a chance to glimpse her chemistry with co-star Andrew Garfield is something we're very much looking forward to.

Bring the Funny

We don't need any more shots of Peter gazing at a far-off sunset with longing in his eyes. We got plenty of that in the last teaser. What we do need is an amped-up laugh factor. Wisecracking is just as much a part of Spidey's skill set as wall-crawling and web-shooting, after all, and anyone who has seen Garfield act knows that he can bring the funny. Let's just hope he brings it in the upcoming trailer.

Daddy Issues

That said, if there's one somber element we do want to see in the new trailer, it's more information on Peter's missing parents. Webb has teased in the past that "Amazing Spider-Man" deals with the disappearance of our hero's mom and dad early in his childhood, something that really hasn't been explored too frequently in the greater Spidey mythology. It's a curious choice to bring to the movie franchise, and we're equally curious to see how it plays out.

Meet the Lizard

Now, we don't need to see the entirety of Curt Connors' monstrous transformation, but we need to see something, even if it's just a two-second tease at the very end of the trailer. Hearing Rhys Ifans' admittedly menacing voice over the last trailer was cool, but now it's time for more. Any Spider-Man action will (hopefully) be good Spider-Man action, but seeing the web-slinger go toe-to-toe against the Lizard, even if it's only for a moment, would really make this trailer "Amazing."

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