‘Glee’-Cap: Christmastime At Klaine’s Bachelor Chalet

Holiday episode steps it up with a black-and-white PBS show within the show.

On Tuesday night, “Glee” premiered its latest holiday episode, “An Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” and kept the drama to a minimum. The little bit of plot revolved around the glee club having to choose between producing a PBS holiday special or keeping a previous commitment to a homeless shelter where Sue Sylvester volunteers. Thanks to the magic of Christmas, they were able to do both! And the old-school PBS variety show was a gut-busting diversion.

Taking place at Kurt and Blaine’s “bachelor chalet,” the two-act black-and-white Christmas special — shown in its entirety during the “Glee” episode — included “surprise guest stars” who couldn’t quite figure out which camera was on, “Star Wars”-inspired characters rocking Springsteen and an Irish elf who loves Jesus. And it wouldn’t be Christmas on “Glee” without an adorable duet from Klaine.

Meanwhile, Rachel and Finn enjoyed their first Christmas together, and the McKinley High diva learned a thing or two (or five) about charity.

So cuddle up with a loved one, light a fire and take in the final musical “Glee”-cap of 2011. Watch the embedded video below and sing along with these lyrics!

Sue Sylvester’s alone this Christmas
Because Ryan Murphy killed her sister
Spends her time at a homeless shelter
Keepin’ busy so she won’t miss her

The glee club says they’ll sing there
Spread around some cheer
But PBS asks them to air
A special this year
Artie’s tapped to direct it
A boost to his career
They finish in time so they can go shine
And sing all sincere

There’s no conflict on Christmas
No plot to be had
Just songs slapped together
To sell the soundtrack real bad
The special was crazy
All retro and cool
What better way to spend these magic days
That we call the yule

Rachel wants a million presents
Finn says, “Here’s a pig”
He buys her stars and fancy earrings
“Let’s give to charity,” they commit
“Glee” finally lets Rory speak
Talked Jesus and wore a knit
I bet “The Glee Project” ’s Cameron regrets
Saying, “I quit.”

“Glee” rocked this Christmas
No attack on the day
Someone tell Rick Perry
To go away
Klaine’s bachelor chalet made me laugh till I cried
Everything looks better in old black-and-white

[In the background to the tune of “Auld Lang Syne”]
Should old Charices be forgot
No Sebastian to be seen
I’ll miss you “Glee” until you are
Back in 2012 on my screen

[Spoken word over the background vocals]
And so this holiday season, we give thanks to all the people and things on “Glee” that bring us joy
Like Heather Morris when she forgets that she’s on camera
Or that Lea Michele duet with Brendon from Panic! at the Disco
And the “Glee” writers for keeping slut pig out of this episode
And Tina when she’s forced to give exposition about last Christmas that we don’t really need
“Glee,” you’re a sloppy bastard sometimes
But I can’t wait to see you in 2012

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