Mindless Behavior To Drop 'Christmas With My Girl' Video

'It's very different from any other music video,' guys say about clip, premiering Wednesday (December 14) on BET's '106 & Park.'

Justin Bieber and Michael Bublé have fans celebrating the holidays with their albums Under the Mistletoe and Christmas, respectively, and now it's Mindless Behavior's turn. The boy band wants to spend "Christmas With My Girl" in their new video, dropping Wednesday (December 14) on BET's "106 & Park."

On the set of the winter-themed clip, which brought actual snow to Los Angeles, the guys talked to MTV News about getting in the Christmas spirit for the video.

"It's our first Christmas song. ... There's snow everywhere. We're freezing," Princeton said. "We don't go to the snow, the snow comes to us."

The video will certainly be a change of pace for the guys, who frequently burn up the dance floor in their videos. "This video is awesome. We don't have no choreography," Ray Ray explained. "We're just hanging out, having fun."

The song marks another first for Ray Ray, who finally got the chance to show off his rapping prowess on the track. "It was amazing," he said. "It was my first time rapping on a record, so I was really, really excited."

The song was actually recorded on a different holiday while the guys were on the road with Diggy Simmons. "It's just a fun set," Princeton added. "It's very different from any other music video. Recording this Christmas song was really cool, because we actually recorded it in Chicago, in the middle of the Scream Tour, and we had a show before and a show after, so we only had one day out of the whole month. It was on Halloween. So, it was really fun, all day in the studio. "

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