Steven Spielberg Considers Making 'Jurassic Park' 3-D

At press day for 'The Adventures of Tintin,' director tells MTV News, 'The only movie I'm interested in post-converting is the first 'Jurassic.' '

With so many filmmakers and studios embracing the box-office potential of post-conversion 3-D these days, it seems there are no limits to the conversion and remastering possibilities for older releases. After all, Disney just had great success with its release of "The Lion King" in 3-D, George Lucas is hard at work on the 3-D conversion of his "Star Wars" franchise, and James Cameron is set to release "Titanic 3D" next year.

When MTV News caught up with Hollywood icon and Oscar-winner Steven Spielberg recently during the press day for "The Adventures of Tintin," which was shot in 3-D, we asked whether he's considered applying post-conversion 3-D technology to any of his classics.

"I've always said 'Jurassic Park,' the first one, would be really good post-converted in 3-D," he said of his 1993 blockbuster. "I think James Cameron has done the greatest 3-D in history with 'Avatar': I don't think anything has surpassed James Cameron's 'Avatar' in terms of the 3-D experience, beyond the fact I love the movie so much, and so I figure that James is going to teach all of us a lesson how to post-convert. If we follow his precepts, more films will be post-converted, but the only movie I'm interested in post-converting is the first 'Jurassic.' "

After Cameron's "Titanic 3D" arrives in theaters in April 2012, perhaps Spielberg will be more set on whether "Jurassic Park 3D" will follow. The director made it clear he doesn't make those decisions lightly, however, speaking about whether he and George Lucas will make a rumored fifth "Indiana Jones" film.

"I would not make a fifth movie to try to prove any point," he said. "If we get a good story, I'll make it. If George [Lucas] doesn't think we should make any more, I'll listen to him."

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