Steven Spielberg Talks 'Indy 5' And 'Crystal Skull' Backlash

'I would not make a fifth movie to prove any point,' director says of 'Indiana Jones' series.

Fans of the "Indiana Jones" movies have a complicated relationship with the series as a whole. No one knows this better than Steven Spielberg, the man who had to listen when fans cried out as the latest entry, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," failed to meet expectations.

Now with talk of George Lucas writing a potential fifth film, Spielberg could stand to undo what some fans saw as a bitter farewell to Indiana Jones. When the director spoke with MTV News' Josh Horowitz while promoting "The Adventures of Tintin," he explained that he would have nothing to prove with a new Indy movie.

"I already like the last 'Indy.' I loved 'Crystal Skull,' " Spielberg said. He also expanded on his reported issues with the MacGuffin, or the object in the film that drives the story, in "Crystal Skull." "Yeah, I had a difference of opinion with the MacGuffin, so to speak, which I thought was a little bit out of character with the other MacGuffins in the other three films, but I still loved the experience making it."

The fan reaction to "Crystal Skulls" reminded Spielberg of the similar backlash he faced after the release of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom." "We had the same criticism on 'Temple of Doom.' That movie came out and it changed the whole rating system. Jack Valenti and I conspired to create the PG-13 rating system based on the number of complaints about the harshness and the heart coming out of the chest on a PG movie. I went through the same thing," he said.

To Spielberg, the general opinion about the series is split down the middle. "I think audiences think we're two for two. They love Raiders," he said. "They love Last Crusade. They don't love as much Temple of Doom or Crystal Skull." Taking that into consideration, the director still feels no requirement for a fifth film.

"I would not make a fifth movie to prove any point. If we get a good story, I'll make it. If George [Lucas] doesn't think we should make any more, I'll listen to him," Spielberg said.

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