Robyn 'Surprised' By Grammy Nominations

At 'Saturday Night Live' rehearsals, singer tells MTV News, 'I didn't expect to still be working and promoting' Body Talk Pt. 3.

As Swedish pop sensation Robyn wraps up 2011, there are a few accolades she still can't quite believe she bagged by year's end. One of those highlights was being the "Saturday Night Live" musical guest this past weekend, and another was being nominated not once, but twice, for a Grammy.

Robyn is up for Best Dance/Electronica Album for Body Talk Pt. 3 (one of several installments from the Body Talk album cycle she launched in 2010), as well as Best Dance Recording for the album's swirling "Call Your Girlfriend."

"I'm excited about the fact that I'm on this show ['SNL'] and the fact that I've been Grammy-nominated two times for this last part of Body Talk at a point where I'm like, 'I thought I was done with this album,' " she explained to MTV News last week during "SNL" rehearsals. "I did my last show at the Hollywood Bowl a month ago, and I didn't expect to still be working and promoting this piece of music, so I'm very excited to end the year in this way.

"I was surprised that I was nominated for two [Grammys]," she later added. "That's a really nice thing for me; whether I win or not [is] not the important thing. It's about being nominated and being in that group of people that gets the chance to win it. So, I'm cool."

In addition to still getting Grammy love for Body Talk, Robyn is also looking ahead at what's next. And, yes, Robyn fans, that does include new tunes. "I'm going to go back into the studio soon, maybe next year, with this great feeling of ending the album this way," she explained, before adding that she still has no idea how her next release will sound.

"I'm trying to not think about working at the moment," she said. "After ['SNL'], I'm going to go home to Sweden and celebrate Christmas with my family and just take some time off and think about other things other than music for a while and reboot, eat food, sleep."

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