LMFAO, David Guetta Go 'Gaga' On Dream-Duet Lists

Z100 Jingle Ball stars reveal their studio fantasies to MTV News on Friday night at Madison Square Garden.

NEW YORK — Fans got into the holiday spirit early on Friday night as some of the biggest names in music hit New York's Madison Square Garden for Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert. The eclectic lineup at the sold-out event included Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Pitbull, LMFAO, David Guetta and Demi Lovato.

Now, with all that star power under one roof, we couldn't help but think it might inspire collaboration between artists. So when MTV News caught up with some of your favorite acts on the red carpet, we asked them who they most wanted to team up with on the Jingle Ball lineup — if they could only choose one. And maybe it was no surprise, but it seemed as if everyone had their eye on Mother Monster.

"Probably Gaga," LMFAO's RedFoo said of a possible collaboration. "Let's do some dancing, let's do some partying, see what we can do, you know? Some fashion, come out there — it could be amazing."

And Grammy-nominated hitmaker Guetta was more than ready to hit the studio with the Born This Way star.

"Listen, I'm ready, you should ask her! That would be great, of course," he told us. "She's really a creative genius, and I told her the other day that I saw her last video ['Marry the Night'] and, again, amazing. I love creative people; it's what I live for. Obviously, she's really amazing."

But Gym Class Heroes had a rather interesting choice for a team-up, picking reality TV star Khloé Kardashian, who was one of the night's special guest hosts.

"We just want her to dance," Travie McCoy said, "be in the video."

So, would Khloé be up to the challenge?

"Do they know I don't have a singing talent?" Kardashian laughed. "They haven't seen me dance, but I love them."

While Khloé admitted she isn't much of a singer, she is a major music fan.

"I would love to sing, I have a passion for music. My dad, [Robert Kardashian], was in the music industry," the E! star said. "I used to always have to go into the studio and do all that type of stuff, so I love music. I love rapping too, I love all forms of music, but I would personally love to sing. But I can't whatsoever, so I'm not ever going to try that job."

Which Jingle Ball acts would you like to hear on a duet? Let us know in the comments!