Karmin Say 'Crash Your Party' Video Tells 'Our Story'

Internet stars Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan say filming first major-label video is 'a little bit different.'

LOS ANGELES — The Internet has launched dozens of stars in 2011 for the wrong reasons (see: Courtney Stodden, Rebecca Black), and then there's Karmin, a scary-talented couple whose infectious and clever covers of hip-hop songs blew up your inbox back in April.

Their reinterpretation of Chris Brown's "Look at Me Now" got them on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" and, more importantly, snatched up by L.A. Reid as he took over Epic Records this summer.

On the set of Karmin's brand-new music video for debut single "Crash Your Party," longtime lovebirds Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan were still trying to wrap their heads around their up-and-up career trajectory.

"We feel a lot different than we used to with [us] making the videos at home in the living room," Heidemann told MTV News. "We were joking about it earlier, how we used to run over to the camera and push record and run [back] and be like, 'OK, ready?' "

"And then we had to turn the air off so it was always, like, 106 degrees in there," Noonan recalled. "This is a little bit different."

"A little bit different" is putting it mildly. The set was packed with a massive crew, multiple sets, child actors and stage parents and wardrobe changes, and the air conditioning was keeping it all at a bearable temperature. No wonder Heidemann used the word "overwhelmed" to describe their feelings in the midst of a 21-hour shoot.

The just-premiered clip, directed by Syndrome, features Heidemann and Noonan rocking out on YouTube before the pair climb into a magical suitcase that transports them to strangers' kitchens, children's birthday parties, karaoke bars and, ultimately, a massive stage where they are performing for adoring fans.

"It's kind of our story, in a strange way," Heidemann said.

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