'Three Stooges' Trailer Delivers Slapstick And Snooki

Farrelly brothers bring the Stooges into present day but leave their classic comedy style intact.

The Farrelly brothers have finally unleashed the first trailer for their "Three Stooges" movie, and if you're a fan of Larry, Moe and Curly's classic slapstick, consider it an early Christmas gift.

The nearly two-minute spot opens at the Sisters of Mercy Orphanage, where a burlap sack containing the baby Stooges is dropped at the doorstep, complete with the first eye-poke gag.

The rest of the trailer features a smorgasbord of classic "Three Stooges" quotes, gags and slapstick, with a couple of modern twists thrown in. There's the familiar "spread out!" shout when the boys prep for a fight, Curly's panting and dog barks when he spots a beautiful woman (one of whom is played by "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara) and their "Mind your P's and Q's" gag. There are lobsters stuck to faces and dropped in pants, plus countless objects thrown at our main characters.

In one scene, the guys are introduced to the iPhone, which Curly puts up to his eye to try and blink-talk with someone.

The final shot of the trailer features some very familiar faces: JWoww and Snooki from our very own "Jersey Shore."

"Hiya, Snook, I gotcha a present," Larry says, holding out a cardboard box to an unsuspecting Snooki. "Go on, open it." Snooki opens the top and a hand jumps out and pokes her in the eye. "Owww!" she yells, and the trailer fades to black.

After years of false starts and attempts to reboot the classic eye-poking, head-bonking comedy franchise with stars such as Sean Penn, Benicio del Toro and Jim Carrey, the movie now is being headlined by the trio of Sean Hayes, Will Sasso and Chris Diamontopoulos.

Although the film is not yet rated, when MTV News caught up with the Farrellys earlier this year, they promised to keep things PG.

"The Stooges, by the way, are just naturally and organically PG," Peter Farrelly said. "That's what it is. We wouldn't want it to be what it isn't. It's like 'Napoleon Dynamite,' as funny as that was, that was a PG movie, not PG-13. It's just natural, and this is what the Stooges is.

"They are Moe, Larry, Curly as you remember them," he added when asked if the co-directors had plans to modernize the characters at all. "It's not a biopic. It's the episodes just as you saw but we rewrote, we have all new episodes. We have three episodes. Technically, each episode picks up where the last one left off. Each one begins with its own theme, so it's about an hour and 25 minutes. Three episodes, fun, old-fashioned, but it takes place present-day, and they look, dress and sound like the Three Stooges."

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