Is Paramore's 'Brick' The Best 2011 MTV Performance?

Band's triumphant set at Fueled by Ramen anniversary show captures powerful bond with family of fans — vote now!

Paramore had what could charitably be described as an interesting 2011, recovering from the departure of founding members Josh and Zac Farro, rediscovering the joy of playing music in the midst of a South American tour, and reconnecting with fans through the debut of their song-a-month "Singles Club."

In short, it's been the kind of year that would break lesser bands, and yet, Paramore persist, with a reinvigorated sense of purpose and plans for a new album in 2012. And they make no bones about the fact that both of those things are due in no small part to the fervent support of their fanbase. Theirs is a bond that goes beyond mere fandom; they are, as frontwoman Hayley Williams told MTV News earlier this year, "family."

So it is somewhat fitting that, in a year where so much was focused on the inner workings of the band, we bring 2011 to a close by showcasing Paramore playing what amounted to one huge family gathering: their headlining performance at September's Fueled by Ramen 15th anniversary show, a rousing run-through of their biggest hits (and a couple new tunes) in front of a sold-out, spirited crowd. It was cathartic, it was energetic, and yes, it was plenty sweaty. In a year when MTV featured plenty of performances, it remains one of the highlights.

So it's equally fitting that Paramore's "Brick by Boring Brick" is in the running for the Best MTV Live Performance of 2011, up against the likes of Adele's chill-inducing VMA moment and Beyoncé's bump-revealing set at the same show. It captures the band connecting with their fans as only they can, with Williams largely abandoning her duties and letting the crowd sing every last note. And they did so with aplomb. In a field of flashy, big-budget performances, it's among the most thrilling (and honest) you're likely to see.

So check out Paramore's performance, and remember, the winner of the Best MTV Live Performance award will be revealed Monday at noon ET. If you're a member of the Paramore family, we know you'll be voting early and often.

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