Lady Gaga Reveals Favorite 'Marry The Night' Scenes

'The entire story's true, and it's through the lens of how I choose to repaint my past,' she tells MTV News.

Lady Gaga's "Marry the Night" video debuted last week to all the pomp and circumstance you'd expect from the Mother Monster.

After several teases, the nearly 14-minute-long video was an insider's look at the struggles Gaga went through before she hit it big. Based on her experience of being dropped by Island/Def Jam before getting picked up by Interscope Records, the pop superstar uses some creative license in the clip to share with fans the life-changing experience.

"This was one of the first times that the fashion didn't propel so much of the story line," she told MTV News at Los Angeles' Jingle Ball concert of the self-directed video. "It is autobiographical, so the entire story's true, and it's through the lens of how I choose to repaint my past."

While many of the Grammy nominee's past videos have been focused on the visuals — especially what she's wearing — Gaga said "Marry the Night" was a whole different monster. "Even though the fashion's important, for the first time, it didn't dictate every single moment," she said. "The aesthetic was more driven by the emotion of the song and the feeling of New York City. It was more cinema, art-house inspired."

While there's many memorable scenes and looks in the video (including a mental breakdown in which she smashes Cheerios on her naked body, some "Fame"-inspired dance routines in spandex and, of course, a mental-hospital scene that features a very stylish hospital gown), Gaga explained what she loves the most in the video.

"I do really love the ballet sequence," she said. "The Noritake shoes with the latex ballet outfit, the sort-of broken ballet moment I thought was really beautiful."

While her BeDazzler never makes a cameo in the video, a reference to it and an outfit that is blinged out with sequins remains an equally unforgettable scene. As Gaga is trying to reinvent herself after she is told to give up on ballet, she heads to dance rehearsals wearing her Madonna "Who's That Girl" finest (denim completely covered in sequins) on her way to pop superstardom. Gaga used to BeDazzle her clothes pre-fame, but now, more famous people BeDazzle for her.

"I used to use glue as well, just straight Gem-Tac glue with rhinestones," she said. "But, for example, that outfit was a costume made my Versace. But back in the day, I had just wreaked some havoc on old denim."

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