Taylor Swift Cozies Up To Zach Gilford In 'Ours' Video

Taylor's adorable new kitten Meredith also makes a cameo in just-released Speak Now clip.

That [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] sure does know how to work the "awww!" effect into her music, and even more so in her sweet and wholesome music videos, with their varying themes on love: whether it be lost, won or rekindled.

Her latest clip is for the country-tinged ballad "Ours," a bonus track from last year's Speak Now, which debuted Friday evening (December 2) on E! Once again, Swift serves up nearly four minutes of sweetness. The video opens up on a generic office building, in all its beige-toned, boring glory, full of disgruntled employees. Enter a dressed-down Swift wearing very little makeup, slightly frizzy hair and a bland suit and skirt with office-worker-lady-standard sneakers.

Throughout her workday, Swift gets jostled around in the elevator, harassed at her desk and defeated by a typically defiant copy machine and passes the time reminiscing about what we assume to be a lost love (played by "Friday Night Lights" cutie Zach Gilford), whom we see in cute flashback videos she plays on her work computer (which features a blink-and-you-miss-it wallpaper picture of Swift's adorable new kitten, Meredith), then later via her tablet when she's on the bus. The videos show Swift and Gilford playing in the leaves, snuggling together, Gilford playing with Meredith the scene-stealing kitten, playful wrestling on the couch, etc.

As Swift's workday winds down, she seems to get more smiley and excited, particularly when she leaves for the day, and we soon find out why — her lost love was overseas serving in the military, and she meets him at the airport for an adorably sweet hello-again embrace. As we mentioned before, it's an "awww!" moment, which makes the video "awww"-dorable.

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