Sleigh Bells To Return With Reign Of Terror

Brooklyn band unveils new album with a thoroughly badass teaser trailer.

When it comes time to reveal a thoroughly badass album title, there’s really no other way to do it than with a thoroughly badass teaser trailer. And that’s exactly what Brooklyn bashers Sleigh Bells just did, premiering an ominous, thundering clip for their new album … which is called Reign of Terror.

The teaser opens with a scene of the Bells’ Alexis Krauss sitting at a vanity mirror, very seriously combing her hair (while wearing a Marine Dress Uniform), then quickly switches to series of hectic, seizure-inducing live clips, interspersed with various shots of life-on-the-road ephemera (they apparently attended at least one LSU football game) and in-the-studio hijinks (Bud Light! Guns! A mirrored skeleton mask!) It’s all backed by a churning, chunky guitar track, which seems to hint that Reign of Terror is most definitely going to be a loud — if not slightly terrifying — listen.

And while there’s plenty of visceral gristle in the teaser trailer, it doesn’t actually include a release date for the new album, the follow-up to Sleigh Bells’ 2010 breakout Treats (one could reasonably assume it’s due in 2012, however).The dynamic duo rode that disc hard, including a thunderous performance at the 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards , and a collaboration with none other than Beyoncé , one that was reportedly supposed to appear on her 4 album. That track (or tracks) never materialized. Instead, the Bells focused on writing and recording Terror.

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