Kanye Talks 'Pursuit Of Awesomeness' In Backstage Video

'I wasn't given this power for no reason,' rapper says in behind-the-scenes video filmed on Watch the Throne Tour.

No one knew what to expect back in October when online entertainment company VoyR announced that it would be partnering with Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne Tour to give "access to exclusive, inspirational and shareable stories" with live webcasts. Would fans get sneak peeks backstage?

Would part of the concert be streamed in real time? How much of Jay and 'Ye would we actually see? There were quite a few questions.

Now, almost two months later, VoyR drops its first behind-the-scenes video. Kanye narrates the clip, which was recorded at one of the Throne's November shows at Madison Square Garden in New York. "I always joked that I was like — OK, I'm doing music, but there is a bigger plan for me at a certain point. I wasn't given this power for no reason and now it's starting to open up," 'Ye says at the start.

Yeezy continues to wax poetic about his mission in life, concluding that his goal is to inspire future world leaders who will go on to pay homage at the rapper's funeral when he dies. All the while, West's voice-over is coupled with concert footage of him emerging onto the MSG stage atop a four-sided video cube. "I'm on a pursuit of awesomeness,"

West continues. "Excellence is the bare minimum."

VoyR charges a fee that grants fans access to a number of different episodes, but in this first video we see the Chi-Town MC backstage getting dressed for the night's show. While wearing a black shirt, with the same Givenchy designs that appear in the Watch the Throne album insert, Kanye straps a chunky gold bracelet to his wrist, adjusts his in-ear monitor and laces up his Air Yeezy sneakers as he gets ready to hit the stage.

The video mostly focuses on the "All of the Lights" MC, and we hardly see Jay at all. Instead we see Kanye marching through the concert halls, greeting visitors like famed Roc-A-Fella engineer Young Guru and Wu-Tang Clansman Raekwon. Hov does show up in one scene, marveling over one young fan's haircut. The preteen, who made his way backstage, has a WTT logo shaved into his head. He is all smiles as Jay talks to him with Kanye, Bronx, New York, rapper French Montana and Hot 97's Angie Martinez looking on. "Oh, you outta here, told you," Jay says, laughing.

Kanye continues to narrate, talking about his legacy. "I wanna know when I'm gone that they'll be 10 people that will go up and grab that mic," he said about the impression he hopes to leave. "I wanna know that there are warriors now."