Green Day Urge Fans To Use 'Green Gifts Guide'

In exclusive new spot, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife, Adrienne tout NRDC's 'gifts that aren't the usual sh--.'

Green Day have always been outspoken supporters of the Natural Resources Defense Council, and now, frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and his wife, Adrienne, are joining forces with the organization to help influence your holiday shopping.

In a brand-new spot — which the folks at the NRDC gave exclusively to MTV News — the Armstrongs tout the organization's "Green Gifts Guide," a list of environmentally conscious presents that go above and beyond the usual electronics and trinkets.

From the $15 "Buffalo Babysitter" package — which helps the NRDC protect bison in Yellowstone National Park once they wander off protected land to graze — to a $5,000 guided photo safari with acclaimed nature photographer Tom Murphy (not to mention packages that revive rain forests and protect polar bears), there is a range of gifts that can actually do some good.

Or, as Billie Joe puts it in the video — in between scenes of him smashing a ukulele — "gifts that won't end up broken but will actually put the world back together again."

That's very much the message behind the Armstrongs' NRDC spot: Instead of spending cash on a bunch of crap that, frankly, you probably won't touch once the holiday decorations have come down, why not invest in the future of our planet and make a difference in the process?

"This holiday season, I can't buy a bunch of sh-- gifts that he'll just end up breaking," Adrienne Armstrong laughs. "Instead, I go to [the Green Gifts website] where I can get awesome things for our friends and family."

"Gifts that I won't break," Billie Joe adds, "gifts that aren't the usual sh--."