Lady Gaga's Barneys Workshop Is 'Essence Of Her'

Little Monsters gush to MTV News about Gaga's holiday-themed workshop and windows at famed Madison Avenue store.

Lady Gaga is taking fans inside her world at the holiday-themed Gaga's Workshop at Barneys New York. Mother Monster-inspired products like head-shaped candles, leather jackets, her favorite books and chocolates shaped like shoes hit the shelves last week, and it's exactly the kind of stuff a Little Monster would ask Santa for.

MTV News caught up with some of the pop star's devotees as they were admired the Gaga windows outside the famed New York City department store. They gushed to us about the chance to pick out items hand-selected by Gaga and her stylist Nicola Formichetti.

"I think Gaga's Workshop, it's the essence of her," Hollis Gehrett said. "You walk in and you feel like you're in her apartment. I came to see her cut the ribbon, which was really cool, and she looked fabulous."

Fan Catherine Lloyd was also on hand when Gaga, decked out in a big white gown, cut the ribbon two Mondays ago at Barneys. "It's in her hometown. It's decorated to the nines, it's completely beautiful," she said. "The unveiling was beautiful — when she came out she looked like Glenda the Good Witch. There was just a lot of celebrities and fashion people walking around, so it was just a fun event in general."

Laura Donnelly said "the first thing I thought was 'fun,' like the colors and all the statues. I just thought it was a lot of fun."

"Kids can come and enjoy it. Adults can come and enjoy it [and] teenagers," Kyle Larkins noted about the in-store pop-up shop. "It really appeals to everyone."

Erin Sebestyen enjoyed how the workshop and windows show off Gaga's whimsical side: "It shows her holiday spirit, and how many celebrities really do that?"

After Gaga opened the store with a ribbon-cutting, her friend and collaborator DJ White Shadow, stopped by the MTV News offices to talk about the event and share his favorite item.

"I just was perusing the goods ... and there were some books that were her favorite books, and they have a special Barneys cover. I was trying to grab small things," he recalled. "But there's these hulking giant candles [in the shape of Gaga's head] that you light from the top. It's like you light the candles in the back and then the wax drips down through the eyes of the candle. So I was pretty impressed with it. I definitely procured one."

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