'Glee'-Cap: All About The Ladies

Santana accepts her sexuality on 'I Kissed a Girl' episode.

Tuesday night's "Glee" episode was titled "I Kissed a Girl," and while it didn't show any lady-smooching, it did feature oodles of songs written by women for women. In the process, Santana slowly learned to accept her sexuality, an unlikely troublemaker was caught stuffing the class president ballot boxes, Puck turned down sex with "crazy" Quinn, and Coach Beiste made her singing debut with Dolly Parton's "Jolene," inspired by Sue Sylvester stealin' her man.

Since "I Kissed a Girl" was all about the ladies, it felt right that the latest musical "Glee"-Cap was inspired by beloved lesbian duo Indigo Girls. Check out the video in the embedded player below and sing along with these lyrics.

She's tough as nails but doesn't want you to see

That she's into she's

Her singing friends accept her

And protect her

From pr---s who play rugby

Get your Lilith Fair on for Santana

She wants peaches, not bananas

It was tragic

Abuelita don't like sapphic

But whatevs, in the next scene Santana seemed A-OK ...

Kurt's scared he'll lose the election

So Rachel stuffs the ballots

Suspended for a week

Two fight for Puck's erection

Shelby wins, but then did Puck completely freaks


I'm confused with all these changes

Why are motives re-arranges?

It's like the writers re-boot every beat

A screenplay ctl+alt+del

The only constant is the amount of food Beiste eats

Thank the "Glee" gods for our Klaine, though

Yay to their duet, but credits GTFO

Now that Kurt's not class president

He still has yet to make a dent

On his college résumé, but maybe next year now

He'll have to stay
And live with Blaine

I won't complain

There goes my brain


Their "F****** Perfect" was f---ing perfect.

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