Big Time Rush Have ‘Matured’ On Elevate

'The songs ... are a better expression of who we are verses the first album, which was written for the TV show,' Nickelodeon stars say.

The boys of Big
Time Rush
have found a whole new voice for their second album, Elevate. James Maslow, Logan Henderson, Carlos Pena and Kendall Schmidt worked tirelessly to put together an infectious pop album that will no doubt please fans of their hit Nickelodeon TV show, but could earn them some new followers as well.

“We spent almost a year creating it,” Maslow recently told MTV News.

“Between the four of us, we wrote eight out of the 12 songs, and everything from the album artwork to the title and, most importantly, the songs really have matured and are a better expression of who we are verses the first album, which was written for the TV show.”

For their second effort, Big Time Rush worked with some of the biggest producers in music, including Ryan Tedder, J.R. Rotem and former ’NSYNC member JC Chasez. Yet, they have a different ’NSYNC alum in mind for a dream collaboration: “[We] always talked about working with Justin Timberlake,” Maslow revealed. Schmidt added, “We’re huge fans of his music.”
Elevate has some stiff competition on the Billboard charts, including Rihanna’s latest album, Talk That Talk, and Adele’s 21.

“I don’t care if we get to #1,” Schmidt said. “The company that we are in is so incredible, to be considered with these people is an honor.”

Maslow added, “Those are great artists, but I think we kinda stay in our own little world as well.”

Big Time Rush are planning to hit the road in February for their “Better With U” Tour, their first in the U.S.

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