Yelawolf Recruits YouTube Fan For Radioactive Debut

Mona Moua's video lands her on rapper's 'Write Your Name.'

It's not every day an artist takes a fan and gives them a feature on an album, but with Radioactive, Yelawolf did just that, placing singer Mona Moua on his debut LP.

After Moua failed to get into a sold-out Minneapolis show, she went home and recorded "Ode to Yelawolf" and uploaded the original composition to YouTube.

"It was actually really good," Yela told MTV News about the song and video Moua uploaded back in April. "Her melody was good, she could play guitar. ... I was a bit blown away by how talented she was."

In the video, Moua strums the guitar while singing about her disappointment after not getting into the sold-out show. "No Trunk Muzik for me," she sang before integrating Yela song titles like "Mixing Up the Medicine" and "Pop the Trunk" into the rest of her sullen lyrics.

Little did Moua know that the heartfelt display would land her on 'Wolf's "Write Your Name" on Radioactive, which dropped last week. "We had a record called 'Write Your Name' about the unsung hero, and it just so happened that her tone, it just fit perfectly," he said, crediting the idea to Ghet-O-Vision head Kawan "KP" Prather. "KP had the idea to bring her out and put her on the hook and she killed it."

Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, "Write Your Name" mixes the drums from Rick Ross' "Aston Martin Music" with a new, melancholy piano melody. On the track, Yelawolf uses his small-town come-up from Gadsden, Alabama, to exemplify how much more untapped talent may be waiting in the wings. Moua sings the all-too-perfect hook, "I'll write your name across the sky and take away the stars, 'cause you light up the night/ You're as high as the moon, when you're here with me/ That's why I'm gonna write your name for the world to see."

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