Birdman Boasts Of YMCMB 'Family Atmosphere' In 'Y.U. Mad' Video

'We're unified,' Birdman tells MTV News of clip featuring Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

Birdman has every reason to smile, and in his latest video, for "Y.U. Mad," the #1 Stunna puts his diamond-encrusted grill on full display. Not only is his YMCMB record label the biggest rap label of the year thanks to high-profile releases from Lil Wayne and Drake, but the camaraderie displayed in his new clip, which premiered on MTV2 on Sunday, is very real — both on and off camera.

"We like this with each other on an everyday basis. It's just fortunate that it's a video and they get to see it in that way," Birdman told MTV News from his trailer on set of the "Y.U. Mad" video shoot in Miami back in October. "It's a family atmosphere, and we talk a lot and we work a lot, and when it comes down to the music, we do it together, we're unified. It's what Lil Wayne and Birdman and Young Money, Cash Money all about — working as a team."

The proof is in the Gil Green-directed video off Birdman's upcoming solo LP Bigga Than Life. Nicki Minaj sets things off, in character as "The Female Weezy." Dressed in a white wifebeater, camouflage pants, skater sneakers and a blond dreadlocked wig, Nicki embodies Lil Wayne's persona as she prances on the screen rapping her verse.

It wouldn't be a Birdman video if the #1 Stunna didn't flaunt his wealth. In one scene, Baby rides around M-I-A in a white convertible Mercedes Maybach, in another he sits with YMCMB execs Mack Maine and Cortez Bryant at a long dining table littered with vodka bottles and exuberant amounts of cash.

Still, it's the ear-to-ear grins that make "Y.U. Mad" stand out from previous Birdman videos like "Fire Flame" and "Always Strapped." Wayne may have had the most fun on set, rocking a high-top, red fur hat, colorful shorts and a backpack containing his skateboard.

The song was originally something that Nicki was working on but then gave to Birdman in order to keep it in the family. From the first listen, the Cash Money CEO was in love with what is now his latest single. "I liked it from the start," he said. "Working with Nicki is just special anyway. It was something she gave me and I felt good about it so we rocked with it."

And apparently they had a blast doing it.