AWOLNATION Call Debut Album 'Genre-Less'

'I feel lucky to be a songwriter that has an open mind to all different kinds of music,' frontman Aaron Bruno says of Megalithic Symphony.

[artist id="3803281"]AWOLNATION[/artist] may be a play on frontman Aaron Bruno's childhood nickname, but according to him, it's far from a solo project.

"It's my vision, I suppose, but it's sort of uncomfortable for me to take full responsibility for it, because nothing is possible without the support of a team of people," said Bruno, formerly of such rock acts as Under the Influence of Giants and Hometown Hero.

Still, he remains instrumental in crafting the style-bending and -defying melodies, hooks and choruses featured throughout the group's debut album, Megalithic Symphony (listen to his singles, "Not Your Fault" and "Sail," for perfect takes on pop-punk and prog industrial, respectively).

"I feel lucky to be a songwriter that has an open mind to all different kinds of music," Bruno said. "So I think because of that, I was able to make a record that is genre-less, and I'm very proud to not be able to tell you that it's an alternative record or only a rock record, et cetera. ... I'm just a huge music nerd/fan at the end of the day."

But how did they come up with that name? "I went with the name AWOL, because I've always enjoyed the option of leaving social circumstances without having to explain myself," Bruno said. Less straightforward, however, is Bruno's songwriting. "It's important to me that people interpret the lyrics and the concept and the message for their own and not read too much into it literally. Because a lot of the lyrics are metaphors for life situations that I've been in, and I encourage people to create their own meaning for it out of it all."

Regardless of how the songs are taken in, Bruno is sincere in hoping whatever message is delivered holds meaning to the listener. His one great hope for Megalithic Symphony? "Hopefully this record that I've made helps people through the struggles of life or helps them through the good times."

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