For 'Breaking Dawn' Fans, One Viewing Isn't Enough

'Twilight' enthusiasts' repeat viewings could keep flick box-office king.

Happy "Twilight" Tuesday! It's time for another installment in our resurrected series of columns dedicated to all things regarding Edward Cullen, Bella Swan, Jacob Black and the rest. Today's topic: Just how long will "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn- Part 1" reign as box-office king?

Knowing the serious dedication the "Twilight" fanbase has to the film franchise, it's no surprise "Breaking Dawn" dominated the box office during its opening weekend. And even with a slew of highly anticipated films opening this weekend — "The Muppets," "Hugo" and "Arthur Christmas" among them — the fervor still surrounding "Breaking Dawn" and fans' commitment to see the film multiple times means that the vampires and werewolves are very likely to hold the #1 spot for a while.

"I have seen the movie twice," Cade Johnson, of Salinas, California, told MTV News via email. "I would like to see it in theaters at least four times, maybe five," he said. "It is definitely the best out of the four so far, in my opinion."

Yvonne R. Villani of Hiram, Georgia, has also vowed to see the film multiple times and has a strategy in place for how to keep herself immersed in "Twilight" goodness as long as possible: "I've seen this movie multiple times and plan on seeing it a few more times because I just really liked it!" she said. "I have been waiting all year and part of last year, since I read the book, for this movie to come out. I have 'Breaking Dawn' both in paperback and audio CD, so I figure I will start either reading it or listening to it again this week, then when I get to where the movie left off, I will go see it again to remind myself of the differences and really compare."

"Twilight" expert Laura Byrne-Cristiano, who runs, said she's noticed a lot of fans changing their opinions about "Breaking Dawn" the book now that the film version has opened.

"I've also noticed a real shift in opinion that caught me by surprise so much so that I ran a poll about it," said Byrne-Cristiano said. "When the novel 'Breaking Dawn' came out, it was a love/hate thing. But from what I've seen, people have really started to change their minds about it, and have come to like it.

"The people who got into 'Twilight' after the movies came out seem to pick 'Breaking Dawn' as their favorite book by a landslide, which is something that never occurred to me in a million years because of all the backlash when it first came out."

So, what is it about these films that has fans so engrossed and committed? It's a "clean movie" with universal appeal, according to fan and repeat viewer Alessandra Sorgato, who wrote to us all the way from Milan, Italy.

"I'm glad that so many people can identify themselves with the characters of 'The Twilight Saga,' " she said. "It kind of surprises me because Stephenie Meyer wrote a love story which is anything but ordinary — it's not based on sex, adultery and things like that. Lately it has become quite unusual to see movies focused on morals like eternal love, true friendship, the value of family at the top of the box office," she added. " 'Breaking Dawn' is a 'clean movie,' still it's very successful all over the world, and I love it."

Speaking of worldwide love and success, we found out via a quick Twitter poll that there are a slew of very dedicated fans out there who have already seen "Breaking Dawn" six times, with one on her way to a 20th viewing!

"I will keep going till they stop playing it!" wrote Robyn Smyly.

"I will see it 6 times and my fave scene is when Bella takes her 'human minutes' when they get on the island," said Kalynn Drake.

"I've officially seen it 5 times now as of yesterday afternoon. What can I say? I'm addicted," admitted fan Jodi-Lynn.

"I plan on seeing BD at least a dozen times in theatre, I've already seen it three times," Mel Douglas chimed in.

There are so many more where those came from, but the award so far for most viewings definitely goes to Fran Richards, who wowed us with this stat: "I have seen Breaking Dawn [Part] 1 a total of 19 times so far," she wrote. "Doing a 5 show marathon today!"

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