Foo Fighters Opener Joy Formidable Talk 'Surreal' Tour

'We're loving every single minute of it,' Welsh rockers tell MTV News of playing large venues.

Shortly before Welsh rock band the Joy Formidable took the stage at New York's Madison Square Garden to open for the Foo Fighters earlier this month, they sat down with MTV News to discuss what a great experience the tour has been for them.

"It's such a delight being on tour with the Foos and Social Distortion," lead singer Ritzy Bryan said, giving a shout-out to the tour's other opening act.

"The Foos heard a track of ours on the radio and really liked it," she explained of how they came to be on the tour. "It just happened really naturally, you know, picking up on a band, supporting new music. [They] invited us on tour on the back of that.

"It's very surreal," she added. "We've been playing some really big venues."

Though the band is accustomed to playing larger venues back in the U.K., all three members, including bassist Rhydian Dafydd and drummer Matt Thomas, agree that playing Madison Square Garden really means something special.

"When you talk to people about Madison Square Garden back on home soil, it's like, 'Wow, what an iconic venue,' " Dafydd weighed in with a big smile.

The already chipper musicians all lit up even more when we asked them what's next for them.

"We're very, very busy now writing our next record," Bryan said.

"[We're] just losing ourselves in that at the moment. We're very, very happy to be here and loving every single minute of it."

The Joy Formidable are currently headlining their own leg of a North American tour. Visit their website for dates.

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