Beyonce Slinks Around In 'Dance For You' Teases

Full-length video will be featured on deluxe edition of B's 'Live at Roseland' DVD.

Beyoncé just wants to "Dance for You" in new teases for her 4 album track. The sexy video will be featured in the deluxe edition of Queen B's "Live at Roseland" DVD special, out November 29.

In two clips posted on, Beyoncé dons hot pants, garters and a slinky wrap dress as she performs a sexy dance routine on a desk. The video has a film noir vibe, as a private eye-type character watches Beyoncé as she dances.

In the other tease, Beyoncé, in the same outfit, dances seductively in front of a chair as the camera cuts to the detective fellow watching her.

"Dance for You" is one of three tracks featured as bonus material on the deluxe version of 4, along with "Lay Up Under Me" and "Schoolin' Life." The track was produced by The-Dream and features writing credits from Tricky Stewart as well as Beyoncé. It's a sexy R&B jam about keeping things hot with her man. On it, she sings, "Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna dance for you/ Tonight I'm gonna put my body on your body/ Boy, I like it when you watch me/ Tonight it's going down."

"Live at Roseland" was filmed in August over four shows performed at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City. It features Beyoncé recounting anecdotes about her career while she performs some of her older tracks, before launching into a nonstop performance of 4 played straight through.

The standard edition of "Live at Roseland" hit shelves this week, along with concert specials from Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Adele also drops her "Live at Royal Albert Hall" DVD on November 29.