Justin Bieber Takes Paternity Test

Even after lawsuit was dropped last week, Bieber's team is taking steps to prove the allegations are false.

Justin Bieber is a man of his word. After promising he would take a DNA test when a paternity suit was brought against him, TMZ reports the pop star took one Friday night at a lab in New Jersey.

The gossip site reports that the test was taken under "very controlled circumstances," and the next move is on Mariah Yeater, the woman who claimed that her son is Bieber's before dropping her paternity suit last week.

Bieber and his team have maintained that the 17-year-old is not the father of 3-month-old Trystan. E! News reports that there is no timeframe for when Yeater must provide a DNA sample.

When MTV News caught up with Bieber on Thursday night, one day before he took the test, he shrugged off the controversy, instead focusing on the positive and saying he's been doing "great" these days.

Bieber sat down with NYC radio station Z100 earlier that day and joked that he'd prefer the rumors be about running away to South America with a supermodel. "Right now, I'm focusing on my album and the music and the [Pencils of Promise] charity we're doing and just being positive, because Christmastime is a time for joy and happiness, so that's what I'm thinking," Bieber said. "And as far as the whole baby situation, it's unfortunate that it had to happen like that. People make false accusations, but things happen in this industry and you have to keep your head high and be positive."

Those words mirror the advice Bieber's mentor, Usher, shared with him: "Stay strong. And know that all of this comes with the territory."