'Breaking Dawn' Screenwriter Invited Herself To Wedding

'I was [Bella's mom] Renee's friend from California,' Melissa Rosenberg says of scripting backstory for her 'Part 1' cameo.

The first "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" teaser trailer, released back in June, gave fans a look at the wedding of Bella Swan and Edward Cullens. But equally interesting were the guests of honor featured in the wedding sequence, which introduced new characters like the Denali clan of vampires. But with the movie in theaters on Friday (November 18), one attendee in particular will likely have Twilighters geeking out.

"The Twilight Saga" author Stephenie Meyer made her first cameo in the series back in 2008's "Twilight," playing a restaurant patron. But the author-turned-executive producer on parts 1 and 2 of "Breaking Dawn" couldn't resist returning to the big screen so she could attend the wedding ceremony she inspired. In a blink-and-you-miss it moment, Meyer can be spotted sitting in the pews on Bella and Edward's big day. But she's not the only behind-the-scenes figure who makes a sneak appearance.

"I'm right next to her!" "Breaking Dawn" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg recently told MTV News.

Rosenberg understands, however, if fans don't recognize her on the first viewing, because even she couldn't find her cameo at first. She admitted to jokingly telling director Bill Condon that "there's one guest at the wedding who's not seen enough," until Condon added a few more frames in the movie. But when Rosenberg still couldn't spot herself among the guests, Condon took matters into his own hands.

"Finally, during one screening, he stopped and said, 'See! There you are!' " she said with a laugh. "It was Stephenie and then [producer] Wyck Godfrey and then myself and then [producer] Bill Bannerman, we were all in the same row at the wedding."

And as Meyer and Rosenberg are behind the "Twilight Saga" screenplays, it only makes sense that they took the time to come up with a backstory for their respective characters at the wedding.

"Stephenie was married to Wyck, and I was [Bella's mom] Renee's friend from California," Rosenberg explained. It sounds like there's a fan-fiction to be written about the time between Meyer's diner dinner and when she got invited to the Cullen wedding!"

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