'Breaking Dawn' Fans Travel Cross-Country For Midnight Premiere

'We came all the way from North Dakota to come to a New York premiere of 'Twilight,' fan John Myhre says.

Everyone knew that the premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" would be an emotional journey for fans of the vampire movies, but for some at the midnight premiere Thursday night in New York City, it was a literal journey across the country.

"We came all the way from North Dakota to come to a New York premiere of 'Twilight,' " die-hard fan John Myhre said.

John wasn't the only fan who traveled from afar to see the film. Another group of fans came from Texas just to see "Breaking Dawn" at midnight, before everyone else.

For one fan, the hype could not properly prepare her for the film, which went beyond what she was expecting. "I thought it was great. It was the best thing ever. It totally exceeded my expectations," she said.

So everyone loved it, but what was the best part? The movie boasts three major moments — the wedding, the honeymoon and the birth — and fans were split on which they loved the most.

"The love scene was beautiful. You would love it," one fan said.

Susan Dolan saw similarities to her own life in "Breaking Dawn." "Charlie was walking Bella down the aisle. I was like, 'That's totally my dad,' " she said.

Dante Delva went a different route and chose a key scene between Jacob and his pack. "My favorite part of the movie has to be when Jacob stood up to Sam. Even though you have the authority, I have the free will to do whatever I want," he said.

Several fans said that one showing was not nearly enough for them. "I actually have tickets to three more showings, so I'll be back," Alanna Foxx said.

We all still have one more "Twilight" installment to go, and the Twi-hards will be there to the bitter end. "I am looking forward to seeing 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2.' I will be at the midnight premiere again," Carla Suarez said.

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