Justin Bieber Doing 'Great' In New York City

Nonprofit Pencils of Promise held a gala in Bieber's honor on Thursday night.

NEW YORKJustin Bieber is a busy guy these days. He's been all over the Big Apple spreading the word about his new album, Under the Mistletoe, and continuing his work with various charitable organizations.

On Thursday night, Bieber attended a gala held in his honor for his work with the Pencils of Promise organization. Started by Adam Braun, his manager Scooter's brother, the organization builds schools for children across the world, helping bring education to places that might otherwise not have access to it.

"Tonight's event is very special because I got these two gentlemen here, but it's really great to be here. Basically we're being honored. He's honoring us, which is spectacular," Bieber told reporters, before Scooter chimed in, "You know what's great is it's honoring the whole organization and all their work, so it's great to be here."

The pop star has been one of the organization's most prominent supporters, and he shared his enthusiasm for the charity at the event. "It feels great," he told MTV News on the red carpet outside of Espace, where the gala was being held. "It's been great just to be here and be honored. It feels very great. I'm here for this guy [Adam Braun] and for all the people working really hard at Pencils of Promise."

These days, Bieber's been making all types of headlines, including those regarding a highly publicized paternity suit. But he seems to be handling it all in stride, shrugging off the rumors. "It hasn't been really crazy at all," he said.