Jay-Z, Jimmy Fallon: GQ Men Could Take Down People's Sexiest

GQ held its annual Men of the Year bash in Hollywood Thursday night.

HOLLYWOOD — The GQ Men of the Year are ready to rumble with People magazine's "Sexiest Men."

At GQ's 16th annual "Men of the Year" Party at the Chateau Marmont, honorees Jay-Z, Jimmy Fallon and Michael Fassbender joked that if push came to shove, their posse of powerful GQ players would dominate Bradley Cooper's sexy gang, which includes "Glee" star Darren Criss, the male stars of "Parks and Recreation," Tim McGraw, Joe Manganiello, Joel McHale and dozens more.

GQ top dog Jay-Z even has a strategy in place. "I'll take on the whole entire cast of 'Parks and Recreation.' I'll leave Justin [Timberlake] to take care of 'Glee' and Jimmy Fallon could karate-chop the rest of those guys," Jay joked.

Fallon was less sure about the match-up. "['Parks and Recreation' character Ron Swanson] is a tough guy. That's a tough call, but you know, I gotta see what the arena is. I gotta look at the variables there."

Meanwhile, "True Blood" star Manganiello thinks he could hold his own against the GQ gang. "I'm fighting for People presently, so you know who I'm going to say," he said before adding, "I think we should do it for charity!"

"Revenge" star Emily VanCamp was torn. "[Co-star] Joshua Bowman's one of the sexiest so I'd have to say Josh," she said. But does she really think Bowman could take on Jay-Z? "That's a tough one. Don't tell him I said so, but no," she said.

"Teen Wolf" star Colton Haynes had no qualms picking Team GQ despite co-star Tyler Posey repping on People's list. "We worked out with the same trainer today and I gave him a lot of crap about that, so just to spite him, I'm with GQ," Haynes quipped.

"21 Jump Street" star Rob Riggle has a theory as to why the well-dressed men of GQ would beat up the half-naked pretty boys of People. "[Team GQ has] more of a manly man's, unshaven look, I think. They're gonna be a little tougher. They got a little more grit."

Actress Lizzie Caplan snarked that her skinny "Party Down" partner in crime Adam Scott would lead the Sexiest Men to victory. "I mean, clearly he's enormous and so cut. I'm surprised he's not on the cover of Men's Fitness, like, all the time," she said with a wry smile.

If there's one thing everyone could agree on, it's that GQ's secret weapon is one of the December issue's four cover subjects, Mila Kunis. "I think Mila would kick Bradley [Cooper's] ass," asserted "The Killing" star Billy Campbell.

"I think Mila Kunis could take some people out if she wanted to," Fallon seconded.

We wondered what Justin Timberlake would do in a GQ/People magazine knife fight, however. The singer-turned-actor appears on both lists this year. Maybe he could be the ref.