Heavy D Was 'In Great Shape,' His Brother Says

'He constantly made sure that his health was in check,' Floyd Myers tells MTV News after public memorial.

Heavy D will be missed, and fans aren't the only ones searching for answers about his sudden death.

On Thursday (November 17), MTV News visited the Mount Vernon, New York, home of Heavy D's family, who are still grieving over the passing of their beloved Dwight Myers.

"Heavy was in great shape," Floyd Myers, the fallen rapper's brother and business partner, told MTV News. "You guys seen him at the BET Awards, and he just did the tribute to Michael Jackson; they flew him out to London to do that. Heav was in good shape, healthy, no heart problems. He constantly made sure that his health was in check."

The initial autopsy report came back inconclusive, but Myers said he spoke to his hitmaking brother the day before he died, and as far as he could tell, there were no signs that he was ill. On records and onscreen, Heavy D promoted love and positivity. Myers assured that his brother was the same way even when the cameras weren't on him.

"He loved family, and that's who he was, but it wasn't too much different from how he treated his friends and his fans," he said. "He showed everybody love and affection, and we're gonna miss that."

On Thursday, fans gathered at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon for a public viewing and a chance to say goodbye to the Overweight Lover before his private funeral on Friday. The public support has been remarkable, and Myers admitted that he didn't know Heavy had impacted so many people.

"I didn't realize how he built his legacy and how it stands today because of the things that he has done and has not done over the years," Myers said of his brother's dedication to only partake in the positive business ventures. "There was just certain things that Heav just wouldn't do, and we used to riff at him. We used to be like, 'Yo, that's a lot of money you turning down,' but it wasn't the right thing to do. Maybe if he would've did those things, his legacy would have not been sealed the way it is today."

Despite their current grief, the tremendous amount of support from fans and friends like Sean "Diddy" Combs, Andre Harrell, Russell Simmons and producer Eddie F. have helped alleviate some of the Myers family's pain. "Besides the famous guys, it's the regular dudes on the street that's just throwing out love to my family. It's taken the sting out a little bit," Myers said.

In support of Heavy D's daughter Xia Myers, the family has set up the Heavy D and Xia Myers Fund. To learn more, fans can visit RememberHeavyD.com.