Selena Gomez Felt 'Relaxed' In 'Hit The Lights' Video

'I'm trying to explain where I'm at in my life,' she tells MTV News of the laid-back party clip.

[artist id="3079282"]Selena Gomez[/artist]'s sun-drenched party video for "Hit the Lights" celebrates the joie de vivre of being young and having fun.

Directed by Philip Andelman (Jonas Brothers, Beyoncé, Ludacris, Jay-Z), the video celebrates the spirit of who Gomez is right now in her life, she told MTV News.

"This one's saying that I'm at the point where I'm having fun with it. I'm not trying to be older. I'm not trying to be younger. I'm trying to explain where I'm at in my life, and I feel like that's what describes it, and having fun with my friends and it was beautiful and it was simple," she said in a phone interview. "I thought it was nice."

The song is about embracing life and throwing caution to the wind — emotions that are certainly captured in the video's colorful party scenes.

"To be honest, I didn't really quite know the direction that I wanted it in the beginning," she said. "When we read this treatment, my mom and I really, really liked it, and we thought it would look really cool. And then when we got on set, it just took it to a whole other level."

The organic nature of the video, which follows Gomez and her pals as they make their way from a day hanging out in the country to a house party later that night, is really what interested Gomez.

"It was very relaxed, which is really refreshing, because most of my videos require a lot of [work]. Either there's wardrobe changes that are intense and there's hair and makeup that's really out there, but this one was just a little more relaxed and organic," she said. "My favorite scene would probably be when me and my band and my dancers are in the back of the truck and we're eating watermelon and we're just hanging out."

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