'Breaking Dawn' Dance Made Taylor Lautner 'Nervous'

'Are we on 'Dancing With the Stars'?' the actor recalls thinking at the time.

Considering all the moments in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1" Taylor Lautner might feel nervous about, we would pick the imprinting scene to be right at the top.

Lautner has said in the past that the imprinting scene was a particularly "tough" challenge for him, but MTV News recently found out that there's one thing that gives the teen heartthrob even more anxiety: dancing — specifically the complex, emotional dance his character Jacob shares with Kristen Stewart's Bella at her wedding reception.

"I was extremely nervous, especially when they told us there was going to be lifts and stuff," Lautner told MTV News about hearing the news that he had to learn choreography. "I was like, 'Are you kidding me? Are we on "Dancing With the Stars"? No.' I thought it was going to be a simple slow dance, which it was in the end, but there were a few little lifts I was nervous about," he admitted. "But in the end, it turned out well. It's a very beautiful scene, visually, and everything that's going on in it."

It turns out Lautner wasn't the only one worried about dancing. Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene had to pull off a particularly challenging maneuver that had some startling consequences.

"We had to get a new Ashley Greene," Rathbone joked when asked about how he and Greene managed to master a full flip. "I broke Ashley. No, she was amazing. She was an amazing trouper letting me do it, because it's dangerous, it's scary. We had rehearsed it a bunch, and then on the day, she was in the heels, so we had to rehearse in the heels to make sure everything was kosher. It was good. We hit it."

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