Selena Gomez Throws A Rave In 'Hit The Lights' Video

Party-ready clip is 'about being with people you love and enjoying the moment,' Gomez teased.

For her music video for "Hit the Lights," Selena Gomez dons several party-ready looks as she and her crew spend a day chilling out in a sun-drenched cornfield playing with balloons and watermelons before heading to a rave later that night.

The video is like a day in the life of Selena Gomez — if she wasn't an internationally known singer/actress and had time to hang out with her mall-punk friends and dance her life away. The message of the clip (and the song) seems to be to have fun, live your life and throw caution to the wind.

Gomez kicks the party off early, giving flirty looks while riding around on tractors and smashing pumpkins as the track's pulsing beat plays to her feel-good lyrics. Midway through the video, the atmosphere transitions from day to night and Gomez's wardrobe also takes on a more sparkling vibe.

Next, Selena shows up at a house party with lights flashing everywhere. She dances around as scenes of a far-off city flash by in fast-motion. The song closes out with a montage of party scenes, and in the end, Selena is left alone in a field somewhere, fireworks blasting above her as she twirls around with sparklers ion her hands.

"Hit the Lights" is the latest single off Gomez's album, When the Sun Goes Down, and in behind-the-scenes footage released last week, she opened up about the clip.

"The song 'Hit the Lights' is that missed opportunity. The dreams that you wish you would go for and basically the song is just encouraging people to [let] loose and have fun and be young and crazy," she explained. "This video is more organic than anything I've done before. It's about being with people you love and enjoying the moment and embracing the moment you're in your life."