'Glee'-Cap: 'Mash Off' Full Of Mash-Ups, Infighting

Teachers take on Lady Gaga with 'Yoü and I' medley.

Tuesday night's "Glee" showed more infighting than a Lohan Thanksgiving dinner: Kurt vs. Rachel, Quinn vs. Shelby, Santana vs. Finn. A no-holds-barred game of dodgeball certainly didn't help smooth things over, either.

But it's also mash-up time at McKinley High, so amidst the dirty political ads (courtesy of Senate hopeful Sue Sylvester) and scenes of Puck hitting on his teacher, we had several neat "Mash Off" performances that were created in a blender. Hall and Oates and Adele both got fun medleys, and the teachers mashed up Lady Gaga's "Yoü and I" with an '80s ballad of the same name.

All the mash-ups — both musical and emotional — inspired our latest musical "Glee"-cap. Watch it in the video, and sing along!

Everyone on "Glee" has major beef

Santana and Finn, Quinn and her teach

Kurt and Rachel barely even speak McKinley High has peace like the Middle East Santana takes dodgeball too far for Kurt

Especially when Rory gets hurt

Sue's campaign brings Burt Hummel pain

She's spreading all sorts of lies

The high school race is just as insane

Brittany's running topless

No grasp on the topics

Still, smarter than Herman Cain Rachel Berry is so very sad

That she made Kurt upset

So she drops out and endorses

Her old BFFI wept!

In the end, Finn calls Santana out

Says she's bullying 'cause she's not out

Sue's rival runs an ad that's all about

Santana swimming in the lady pond Puck and his teacher are a thing this week

I forgot it's taboo 'cause Puck looks 33 He channels his inner Pacey Witter

Yes, from "Dawson's Creek"

I can't believe "Glee" went this routeBut I'll go along with

This plot if the songs give

Me the urge to joyfully shout Legs that wiggle!

Naked ankles!

Flappy hands!Be still, my heart!

When Shelby sings with Will SchuesterIs Puck turned on or did he fart?

It's time for mash-ups at McKinley High

Hall and Oates with Finn and the Irish guy

The porn 'staches were fun, you can't deny

Mash-ups look so great, now I wanna try!

[Jim mashes up Britney Spears' "Till the World Ends," Madonna's "Dress You Up" and the final ukulele solo of R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion."] Share your review of this week's "Glee" in the comments below!