Nick Jonas Dishes On Writing For Demi Lovato, Charice

Jonas Brother says channeling female perspective is a 'challenge.'

It wasn't too hard for Nick Jonas to write for Quaker Chewy Superstar Search winner, 14-year-old Gabrielle Giguere: The Jonas Brother has a lot of experience digging around inside the female brain.

Long before he hit the studio with Giguere this year, he had already received killer production and writing credits for some of his A-list peers. So, what's it like to have to think like a girl? "I think my first experience with that was working with Demi [Lovato] on her record," Jonas recalled to MTV News. "We were a big part of her first record, [Don't Forget,] and helping craft that. And I was a part of her second, [Here We Go Again,] as well."

When the 19-year-old has to channel his feminine side, he simply asks the artist herself about the experiences she has been going through and tries to encapsulate them in a song. "It was really cool to be able to speak with [Demi] about what she was going through in her life and craft a song for the setting," he said of his role as producer/writer. "And I really enjoyed that and having done a lot of writing and producing for other people this year like Charice ['One Day'] and others. It was great to get that mindset and take on that challenge."

The transition to working with a smaller artist like Giguere wasn't too difficult for Jonas, given the way he works. For him, it's all about tailoring each recording session to the artist. "In my experience, I try and work specifically with the vocalist and try to figure out how they work and what their process is and get the best result from them by learning them first," he said. "We had the time to do that, and I feel like we came up with a really great-sounding song [with 'My Time']."

For now, though, Jonas might have to let other artists' projects take the backseat as he focuses on his own, including a nearly six-month-long run as the lead in Broadway's "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying," as well as work on the next Jonas Brothers album.

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