'Breaking Dawn' Birth 'Emotional' For Stephenie Meyer

'Twilight' author also raves to MTV News about wedding and honeymoon — and reveals whether she'll write more about Bella and Edward.

Of all the lovely and talented stars we feature in our exhaustive efforts to cover anything and everything in the world of "Twilight," it's a rare treat to talk to the woman responsible for it all: author-turned-producer Stephenie Meyer.

MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with the lady, the myth, the legend during our "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" premiere live stream Monday night (November 14), when we covered hot topics such as the wedding and honeymoon, the birth scene and whether Meyer will ever write another "Twilight"-themed story or book.

"With the wedding, I worked pretty closely with [screenwriter] Melissa [Rosenberg]," Meyer said. "We talked about it, how it needed to be like a really beautiful traditional ceremony, nothing outlandish, just simple and old-fashioned and romantic, and then [director] Bill [Condon] brought in the vision of what it should look like, and the production designer just made such a gorgeous midsummer night's dream for us. And then the final element was Kristen [Stewart] in the wedding dress. She was so gorgeous, she was unbelievable."

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Fun fact about the wedding scene: Meyer has a cameo, which she assured us was not her idea.

"Bill really wanted those of us who'd been there from the beginning [in the scene]," she said. "It was nice to be at Bella's wedding; that was great. Being on camera — not so much."

Moving right along to arguably the film's most-anticipated scene: the honeymoon, which Meyer said she wanted all along to be romantic above everything else.

"I think it's romantic, and it does give you more than the book does. I know some of the sites call it, instead of 'fade to black,' 'fade to sad.' they'd love to see more. I think this gives them that," she said. "It gives them a romantic peek into the honeymoon. We don't want to see too much."

Another scene in which the filmmakers incorporated a less-is-more approach was during the very intense birth scene, which Meyer said was so emotional that people shed a bunch of tears during filming.

"It was so emotional. It wasn't like a horror movie or anything. It has those elements, but it really brought out that feeling of losing the person that means the most to you. We were getting teary on set, which doesn't happen very much after a long day of shooting," she said. "That moment really was strong."

And finally, the question on all "Twilight" fans' minds all the time: After the final movie opens and things are all said and done, will Meyer return to her characters and continue the story?

"I don't know," she said. "Every now and then I tinker around with old manuscripts, because I can't leave them alone even though it's too late and they're printed. There are little things. I've been recently doing comedies and stuff; it's a nice change. Maybe it will cleanse the palate and I'll get back to it."

So once the palate is cleansed, might she consider publishing the much-discussed, fan-pined-for book from Edward's perspective, "Midnight Sun"? "Maybe. I get that [question] a lot," Meyer said. "My mother [asks] every day. She would love for me to do that. I know a lot of people will love that. I have to get to a place where I can write it."

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