Jonas Brothers 'Want To Take Time' On Next Album

'We promised the band's not over,' Joe Jonas tells MTV News.

All three Jonas Brothers have spent some time apart, working on their individual projects: Nick Jonas has been producing other artists and will appear in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" on Broadway, while Joe Jonas has been busy pimping his solo album, Fastlife, all over the globe. The guys admit it's time to get the old band back together.

"We had been focusing this past year and a half on our individual projects and what we're doing on our own, and I think that with 'How to Succeed' and with Joe still promoting his album and doing all that, that's still a bit part of the future," Nick told MTV News when he stopped by our New York office last week. "However, we have started thinking about the next step and what that means for the brothers, and the tone overall is just that we want it to be the right time, and we want to take our time."

In fact, there's even a timeframe for when the guys intend to really start thinking more about their next album. "I'm gonna be going to New York probably when Nick's going to be doing some Broadway stuff, so maybe some more Jonas Brothers stuff soon," Joe added on the set of "Hot in Cleveland" a day later. "Kevin, he lives in New York, so we'll all be there together. We'll see what happens. Nick's gonna be working on his project, and we're always writing together, and we promised the band's not over. So, I'm definitely looking forward to be able to get back with them."

And, JoBros fans, there even seems to some chatter that in addition to new music, there might also be some new tour plans. "We're excited to make music for our fans again and to be able to tour one day together again," Nick explained. "I don't know necessarily when that will be, but it will happen, and when it does, we're gonna be really excited, and hopefully our fans and others will be excited as well."

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