Amy Winehouse 'Didn't Record Like 2Pac'

So don't expect never-ending posthumous albums, producer Salaam Remi tells MTV News.

Thanks to the upcoming posthumous album Lioness: Hidden Treasures, fans will be able to hear a collection of new Amy Winehouse material, but beyond that, the public shouldn't expect a ton of unheard material. That's just not the way Winehouse recorded, friend and producer Salaam Remi told MTV News during a November 4 interview in New York's Jungle Studios.

"She didn't record like 2Pac, so that's not the case," Remi told MTV News of Winehouse. "There are definitely things that people hadn't heard that have been recorded, but they're in different modes in different forms. But she wasn't a recorder like that."

One such song is "Like Smoke," the singer's collaboration with Nas, which was completed after she died in July.

"Amy sang on records that we never put out with Nas," Remi said. "As far as them now getting on the same record, that was a conversation in play for the last couple of years but that just didn't happen yet. And when I listened to that song, I was like, 'You know what? This makes sense,' to actually make that happen as far as things that she wants to do that didn't happen yet."

According to Remi, Winehouse didn't record just for the sake of recording. "She'd just do one take of a song, she'd write it and then she'd go sing it. Back to Black was a short album in comparison; it was like 37 minutes," Remi said of Winehouse's 2007 breakout album. "[She was like,] 'This is what I'm writing, this is what you get, underline, bye.' "

Still, the producer said there is some material waiting in the wings. "It's not that type of recording process, but there are definitely a lot of things that people haven't heard before or weren't aware of," he said.

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