Nikki Reed Gets To Smile (Finally!) In 'Breaking Dawn'

'I got to play sensitive and vulnerable for the first time,' she tells MTV News of her perpetually ticked-off vampire, Rosalie.

For members of the Cullen family whose first name isn't Edward, there's not always much to do in a "Twilight" movie. Sure, once in a while there will be a war against the newborns, but otherwise, they're usually standing around, protecting Bella.

For Nikki Reed and her character, the perpetually ticked-off Rosalie, the new film "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" meant a little more variety than she was used to.

"There's something going on!" Reed marveled. "I guess [there's] the relationship between Bella and Rosalie, as well as Rosalie and the baby and, actually, Rosalie and Jacob. There were a lot of really fun dynamics in this."

But don't expect the old Rosalie to be gone for good. Reed assured fans that there was plenty of the same, sharp vampire this time around. "I still got to play with the sarcastic, bitchy side of Rosalie with Taylor [Lautner]," she said.

However, in "Breaking Dawn - Part 1," Nikki and the audience get to see a side of Rosalie they were not so familiar with. "I got to play sensitive and vulnerable for the first time — and happy! I smiled," she said. "I actually saw the movie last night, and at the end, there's this scene where I'm holding the baby and I'm smiling, and I realized it's one of the first times I've seen Rosalie smile. It felt sort of weird. It stood out to me."

"Breaking Dawn - Part 2," on the other hand, means a return to a less active Rosalie, but she still plays an important role.

"It's very serious, that movie, 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2.' There's a lot at stake," Reed said. "I'm with the baby, so I'm protecting the baby, so you don't see me do as much of the fighting action and stuff, but I am with little Renesmee."

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