Kristen Stewart Likes Talking About 'Twilight'

'You don't always get times that you have to articulate this stuff, so it's actually good to think about,' typically media-shy actress tells MTV News.

It's no secret that fan fervor surrounding the "Twilight" franchise is intense. What that means for the stars is, of course, a lot of interviews, tours and appearances in various cities and countries leading up to the blockbuster films.

When we caught up with Kristen Stewart as she promoted the latest "Twilight Saga" entry, "Breaking Dawn- Part 1," we asked if she's looking forward to the day when her "Twilight" duties come to an end.

"Sure, but at the same time, these things are so rare and sporadically intense that part of it is easy to [do]," she said. "I have to force myself to enjoy it — not force myself because it's hard, but acknowledge that I am enjoying [the moment] rather than going, 'God, this is so crazy.' "

Stewart said that despite what people may think, she genuinely enjoys doing interviews.

"I like talking about these movies. When you're actually talking about the movies, I have a really good time with it," she admitted. "You don't always get times that you have to articulate this stuff, so it's actually good to think about."

Stewart's co-star Robert Pattinson has said that all the attention he receives now serves the very important purpose of keeping him honest about himself — to a point.

"You have to confront your insecurities quite a lot, and I have plenty, plenty of insecurities," he said about being an actor and having to question his chosen profession. "Even more [now]. Before, you could kind of bullsh-- yourself all the time. If no one cares about you, you can be like, 'I'm the greatest person in the whole world.' You can be completely delusional."

On Monday, join live from the "Breaking Dawn - Part 1" red-carpet premiere as we talk to your favorite stars about all things "Twilight"!

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