Rihanna Breaks Down 'Addictive' Single 'You Da One'

'I kind of just wanted to scale back, instead of having a look,' singer tells Ryan Seacrest of theme for November 21's Talk That Talk.

On Friday (November 11), Rihanna officially dropped the second single off her November 21 album, Talk That Talk, and "You da One" is as party-ready as the first single, "We Found Love." Produced by super producer Dr. Luke, "You da One" is a fist-pumping ode to the power of love, and that's what attracted Rihanna to it.

"This is one of those records, it becomes very addictive," she told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS FM radio show on Friday morning. "To me, it's very infectious: the more you listen to it, the more you want to listen to it. It had a reggae vibe, but it's a sweet little love letter. I love the record. It's kind of dirty, I love it."

Rihanna also explained the theme for her highly anticipated album release, mirroring comments her "We Found Love" director Melina Matsoukas recently shared with MTV News about "how being really natural is forward-thinking"

"I kind of just wanted to scale back, instead of having a look," the singer said of Talk That Talk. "I didn't want to make it such a big deal, like what hair color. I wanted to go back to something simple, something flexible; something a little more natural. It's more about the music. I don't want to become a gimmick ever," she added, before joking, "Well, I ran out of colors so I decided to go back to my natural color!"

Early reaction to the sexy party album has been overwhelmingly positive, and the singer appreciates all of the love. "I'm so excited it's done. I feel so great," she said. "The snippets came out yesterday and people are really reacting. I know the songs that I love, and to see people react to them the same way that I do ... I got excited like I never heard it."

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